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Amber Inro
Bamboo Inro
Bone Inro
Brush Case Inro
Brush Case
Cinnabar Inro
Match Box Inro
Match Box
Labradorite Inro
Mother-of-Pearl Inro
Mother Pearl
Wood Inro

Traditionally, netsuke, ojime, and inro were only available in the darker colors. Consumer trends have changed over the last several years. Part of this transition has been brought about by their increased popularity within the jewelry industry. To keep pace, we now offer you a choice of color and finish to suit your market.

Wood Color Options

Antique Blue Boxwood Netsuke


As collectibles or jewelry components, Cyber Import delivers what you want direct from the factory.

China Wholesale Source for Inro. Hand-crafted or carved from amber, bone, boxwood, bamboo, cinnabar, and mother-of-pearl. Our inro can be customized with themes of your choice. We carry over thirty diffent animal themes from zodiac to zoo, farm, bird, insect, nudes and mermaid. The Japanese made inro an art form and now they've become highly collectible. We can provide any of your inro requirements. These are only representative examples. By the dozen, or by the thousand. Shipped direct from China. If we don't have it, we can get it. Give us your price to beat!

Inro were popularized in the 18th Century Japan. These small boxes and pouches were the Japanese answer to having no pockets on the kimono. Inro were used as tobacco pouches, medicine boxes, and similar items when suspended by a cord from a Japanese obi or belt. The larger "Netsuke" toggle that is suspended at end of the cord, and the sliding "Ojime" bead to keep the box closed, have both become high collectibles in themselves and are used frequently in jewelry.


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